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Australian Federation of International Students Inc. (AFIS)

The Australian Federation of International Students Inc. (AFIS), a non-profit student organisation founded in 2002 to aid international students in Victoria. With our vision to enrich the international student experience, AFIS aims to aid the transition into studying abroad and provide a conducive environment for students to engage with the diverse community in Victoria. Over the years, AFIS has evolved to be a premier organisation and with its breadth of experience, depth of knowledge and wealth of contacts, we can directly impact and ensure the welfare of students.


Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia, Victoria (MASCA Victoria)

The peak representative body of more than 8,600 Malaysian students in major universities in Victoria. Based in Victoria, the state with the largest Malaysian diaspora, MASCA Victoria has been playing the national leadership role for the 23,000 Malaysian students in Australia by initiating and hosting value-adding national events. MASCA spearheads the ASEAN Agenda, which aims to establish a strong ASEAN student leader community in the state of Victoria and eventually in Australia. and based in Victoria.

Indonesian Students Association of Australia, Victoria (PPIA Victoria)

An organization representing Indonesian students in Victoria with the goal of uniting Indonesian students as well as contribute to the reinforcement of Australian-Indonesian ties; PPIA Victoria hosts events that promote cooperation among Indonesian and Australian student bodies, and seeks, via these events, to establish cultural recognition as well as facilitate better understanding among Indonesian and non-Indonesian communities.

Melbourne Overseas Vietnamese Student Association (MOVSA)

With the vision of building a student non-profit organisation for all Vietnamese international students, after 12 years, MOVSA has now become the second family for Vietnamese students in Australia. For years, MOVSA has succeeded in establishing a strong Vietnamese community that lends assistance to one another in times of need.


Singaporeans of Victoria (SOV)

The Singaporeans of Victoria is a student-led, not-for-profit organization, comprised of the various Singaporean Student Associations/Societies (SSA/SSS) across Victoria. These universities include: University of Melbourne, Monash (Caulfield), Monash (Clayton), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), La Trobe University, and Singapore Medical Society of Victoria (SMSV).

Thai Students Association of Victoria (TSV)

The peak representative body for Thai students in Victoria. The Association has over 500 different members that attend and assist with their events. The Association also has very strong links to the local community including the Thai Consulate, Thai restaurants, universities, etc.

Filipino Australian Students Council (FASTCO)

The peak student representative body for Filipino students, newly established in 2012. It seeks to strengthen the bond and camaraderie among Filipino students (local and international) in Victoria and expand its network of friends who are willing to assist students in Melbourne. It also intends to develop a 1-year plan to ensure sustainability of the organization and desires to include a program of support to students particularly new international students/ADS scholars, migration/employment seminars, continuing education, training and research presentations, sports activities, participate in ASEAN Australia Council events, host cultural activities such as the fiesta and Christmas, institutionalize operation bayanihan, fund raising activities, and establish community programs that will benefit the Philippines.



Cambodians of Victoria (COV)

Cambodians of Victoria is a not-for-profit organization that is associated with the ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO) of Australia. Its objective is to unite Cambodian students in Victoria and seeks to further the ASEAN Australia Agenda by liaising and collaborating with other ASEAN-based student organisations.

Melbourne University Thai Student Association (MUTSA)

Melbourne University Thai Student Association is an organisation run by Thai students in University of Melbourne. The activities organised are not solely for University of Melbourne students but open to Thai and non-Thai students from other institutions. MUTSA hopes to better foster relationship amongst its members and provide a platform for its members to feel right at home.

University of Melbourne Myanmar Student Association (UMSA)

UniMelb Myanmar Student Association is an organisation that aims to provide a supportive network for all University of Melbourne Myanmar students, to meet and interact with one another and to provide lifelong friendships. UMSA aims to foster present and future Myanmar students and promote Burmese culture within UniMelb.


Malaysian Students' Society (MASS)

Malaysian Students' Society (MASS) is a non-profit club based in Monash Caulfield, that welcomes not only Malaysians in the land-down-under together but also students from across the globe, creating a diverse, multicultural and warm community. We aim to give you an opportunity to experience university life from a different perspective during your stay in Melbourne, and the chance to get out of your comfort zone to meet new friends.


Brunei Students Society (BSS) Melbourne

BSS Melbourne is a society organised and run by Bruneian students in Melbourne with active members from institutions across Victoria. Established in 2007, BSS Melbourne organises events, activities for students and peers alike in Brunei Darussalam and Melbourne. Additionally, there are also briefings held for both pre-departing and newly arrived students.


Monash University Malaysian Students' Union (MUMSU)

Monash University Malaysian Students' Union (MUMSU) has grown to become one of Monash University's (Clayton campus) biggest non-faculty organisation. Formed in 1972, it prides itself as one of the most successful clubs running in the university with connections streaming all across different companies and universities throughout Victoria.
Here at MUMSU, we seek to not only represent all Malaysian students within Clayton, protect their rights and interests within Australia and strengthen the unity amongst all Malaysian students, but to also share the rich Malaysian culture and tradition embedded within us with the community around us.


PPIA unimelb

At PPIA Unimelb, our vision is to advance the club as a platform to network and reach their potential through synergy and persistence. We aim to benefit the members in various aspect through PPIA Unimelb’s networks, events and sponsors; embed professional and evaluative working culture to the organization; strengthen coordination and collaboration between the organization’s body parts for efficient and effective operation; enlarge PPIA Unimelb’s network by increasing member participation.


International Vietnamese Students at the University of Melbourne (IVSUM)

Since early 2011, IVSUM is founded by a group of Vietnamese international students at Melbourne University. We see the need of having a community like a 'big family' where all of our members can find the support and develop themselves. Students who plan to go to the University of Melbourne are welcomed to ask any question on this page and we will ensure your inquiry will be attended. Students from other universities are also welcome to join us or share with us upcoming events for Vietnamese students not only in Melbourne but also throughout Australia and world-wide.


Singaporean Students' Society (SSS)

The Singapore Students Society (SSS) of The University of Melbourne is an organization that aims to provide a support network for Singaporean students to meet and interact with one another to recreate a ‘Singaporean Identity’ to help members feel at home away from home. We actively encourage Singaporeans to appreciate our heritage & culture through various activities. SSS is also part of Singaporeans of Victoria (SOV), a non-profit organization and a joint collaboration of the various Singaporean Student Associations or Societies (SSA/SSS) across the state of Victoria.


RMIT University Malaysian Association (RUMA)

The RMIT University Malaysian Association (RUMA) is an association targeted at Malaysian students studying at RMIT, but it is also open to all students studying in RMIT. We do have non-Malaysian members, as we have found that many would like to learn of Malaysia’s culture, and what better way to learn than to be in the company of other Malaysians?
Seniors helping the juniors is another advantage of RUMA – for those unfamiliar with Australia, learning from seniors can be very beneficial. Field trips organised by RUMA not only gives everyone the opportunity to see Australia but also at an affordable price (All of which is much cheaper than doing it alone).


Malaysians at Swinburne Association (MSA)

The main objective of MALAYSIANS AT SWINBURNE ASSOCIATION (MSA) is to have FUN, of course! We do know life as a student is all about not getting enough sleep, eating 5 packs of Indomie a day, and getting stressed up with the hundred or so deadlines. So, why not come lepak and makan with us for a little while eh? For non-Malaysians, MSA extends its warmest welcome to you! You will get to know more about Malaysia's unique culture that is a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian dan lain-lain. Not to mention the amazing food, we would LOVE to share them with you.

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